Summer 2020 physics chemistry biology2

[免費] Maths Phy Chem Bio Exercises 下載

[免費] Maths Phy Chem Bio Exercises 下載

下載 bio 8 Gas exchange in humans 下載chem 29.Selected Homologous Series 下載maths Chapter 11 Basic Properties of Circles (II) 下載phy 21electric Charges and Electric Forces  * Zoom 試堂*

下星期正式開學了!想有一個新開始嗎?我們現在提供 真人超小班 和 Zoom 試堂各科部分重點都可以在Youtube重溫喇,記得訂閱️

Chem 38 equilibrium :

Bio 15 Growth:

PHY Mechanics:




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